We are at war.

I think.  The PSR is said to be “going down.”  This means, I’m assuming, that we are going to experience some sort of defeat?    It could also be just a statement of the assumption that three women who are married are doing a lot of eating out.  Which would be true, I guess, if we all actually lived together and weren’t firmly into the peen and were, you know, actually married.  I’m not sure.  But, I digress…

What I really wanted to say is this:  

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My name is Rae.
I like music. I like tattoos. I like books. British men totally do it for me. Combine those things, and I am in heaven. (Cue Mumford and Sons...)

PSR, bitches.

I sing when no one is listening. I do science as a job. Life is awesome.

Also: I say fuck. A lot. Fair warning.

Also also: Marcus Mumford haunts me. Dibsies. Dibsies on him and SSSeth. YeSSS.

Also^3: Mumford and Sons, King Charles, Bon Iver, The Avett Brothers, Andrew Bird, Death Cab, Iron and Wine, Blitzen Trapper, Blind Pilot, Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, David Bowie, Queen, Sinatra, Keith Jarrett, Fleet Foxes, Bob Dylan, Darling, DMB, TCV...
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